Lesson 4: Advanced Tools and the Future of Your Blog


Today we are going to go over more advanced settings and continue working on finishing our experience posts from last week on the Plains Indians Exhibition.

Tags are an important feature of WordPress. Just like tags identify clothing items in a store by a specific number or price, tags work to help give your content identification on the internet.

for more info on tags, check out these two posts here and here

I need to get my tags in order!

Links are extremely important too in posts when quoting another site or source. on how to add a link, click here!

WordPress also has built in sharing capabilities that make it really easy to post your WordPress content on sites like Twitter and Facebook. for a recap on how we added these in class and on what Socialize is click here

More info on other ways to host your blog after the jump!

For information on using a godaddy host with WordPress (like I do!) click here

If you want to know more about other sites like tumblr and blogger here and here

I love this diagram that shows the difference between a site like tumblr and a site like WordPress


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